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Full Version: [CA11] Ray70 VHF Radio Switch Covers Fell Off
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Hi. The "Power" and "Back" plastic switch covers on my Ray70 VHF have fallen off and I can't get them back on. Is there some method to re-attach them?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum gjweston,

Q. Is there some method to re-attach them?
A. This is indeed an unusual occurrence and indicative of a failure of the assembly containing these buttons. It would be recommended that the VHF radio be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be serviced.
Thanks. I don't know how it happened as they were like that when I purchased the boat. They were just sitting near the radio on the flybridge. The plastic caps don't look broken or cracked. I thought maybe I just didn't know the "technique" to get them back on. Radio still functions. I'll stop by a repair center when I get back down to the boat.
You're welcome.
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