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Full Version: [CA11] Ray60 - RayMic (handset) Turns Off on Its Own
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My RayMic (2nd handset in helm) "randomly" turns off. It is connected to my Ray60 which stays on. Sometimes my RayMic will stay on all day, sometimes 5 minutes, etc.

I have checked for loose wires, but none found. This will happen when in calm or other conditions. The Ray60 unit was sent (Sept 2019) to Raymarine for a reset as I am 2nd owner and wanted to input my MMSI, which all has been done. I have updated the software to most current versions, but note that the RayMic turning off issue is new and only occurring after the software updates. I am not saying the software is the reason, just putting it out there for information. Ray60 software = v1.46 and RayMic software = v1.48 which are both current.

Anyone else with similar issue? Or pass along a note that you are not having any issues please.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Cerjan,

This is the first such report of this problem which has been submitted via the Forum. As the RayMic is powered by the Ray60, the fault may be within either device. In this case it would be recommended that the Ray60 and RayMic be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
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