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My three-year-old Quantum radome stopped working. I removed the cover and found about a cup of fresh water inside. The cover had never been removed previously. How do you explain the water intrusion? Why are there apparently no drain holes in the casing? How will I obtain a dry, functioning radome?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Richard,

In fact, the lower shell of Quantum radomes do feature drainage holes. When in hot humid weather, air containing moisture will enter the radome and may condense when inside when air temperatures cool. Any such condensation should drain from the radome's base. We have seen instances where the installation or insect nests / activity (ex. mud daubers, etc.) can prevent drainage. More information on this subject may be found within Chapter 6.1 - Mounting pre-requisite: "breather" holes of the Quantum Radome Installation Instructions. We would be glad to look a photos of the radome's installation to comment further.
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