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Full Version: [CA11] Sun damaged instrument glass
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There appears to be sun burn damage on the display glass of several old ST60 units on my boat. Is there anyway I can clean / polish this back to its original clarity?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Derek,

The symptom which you have described would not typically be associated with damage to instrument's lens, but rather it is typically associated with a failure within the LCD of the instrument. Unfortunately, Raymarine can no longer service or provide parts for ST60/ST60+ instruments. Should one desire to correct the appearance, then they only way to do so would be to replace the instruments. The i60 Wind instrument is the replacement for ST60/ST60+ Wind instruments. The i50 Depth, Speed, and Tridata instruments are the replacement instruments for the ST60/ST60+ Depth, Speed, and Tridata instrument respective. The i70S MFID is the replacement for the ST60/ST60+ Graphic instrument. The i50, i60, and i70S instruments each support SeaTalk communications and as such, may be used as direct replacements within a SeaTalk Bus. Raymarine offers the D244 SeaTalk Junction Block and the following SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Spur Adapter Cables to support use of these instruments within a SeaTalk bus:
- A06047 / 15.7in (0.4m) SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Spur Adapter Cable
- A06073 / 39.4in (1.0m) SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Spur Adapter Cable
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