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Full Version: [DG11] BUG in Element HV Trackpoint Data
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as the RealBathy sucks for me I tried to write my own App to show depth details.
For that I analyzed the realbatydb file on the SD card an found out that a lot of trackpoints were uselessly saved. latitude, longitude, depth and timestamp were for example in 16379 cases out of 34599 total absolutely the same. That's nearly 50%! So you waste our SD card for no good. That should be fixed.
See attachment
Hi Oschi,

Thankyou for your feedback.

I referred the matter to our engineering team for comment, they confirm that the data is deliberately recorded and then subsequently used within an algorithm to refine the accuracy of the data, the process also incorporates statistical analyses too - the specific process is proprietary and for that reason we are unable to divulge.

I can only confirm there is a specific reason for recording the data.


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