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Full Version: [CA11] RV-100 keep losing bottom depth
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Hi guys,

I have my RV-100 transducer set up on my Axiom Pro RVX.
When i cross the boundary around 200ft my transducer start doing wierd readout.
I have read a lots of thread on this forum but i cannot find any solution for this.

Please help.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Bon Vibe,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing maximum depths supported by the different sonar channels of the RV transducers. These maximum depths will vary with water turbidity, boat speed, hull aeration, etc. Which fishfinder channel was being monitored and what speed was the boat operating at when the problem is observed? When approaching the 200' boundary reported, what is the spot sounding depth / contour depth reported within the Chart application?
Hi Chuck,

The SOG was about 6 kts.
I also tested it on “quite ship” and let it drift to the deep.

Is this transducer a High Chirp?
Bon Vibe,

Q1. The SOG was about 6 kts. I also tested it on “quite ship” and let it drift to the deep.
A1. Noted. It appears that you were getting weak returns from about 500' Was this the charted depth of the water as indicated within the chart application? Please be certain that the MFD has been updated with LightHouse 3 v3.11.42 or later software (HOME->SETTINGS) and if so, perform a Power ON Factory Reset and then manually restore settings (vs. from a saved settings file) to improve the sonar performance. Should the problem persist thereafter, then please attach photographs showing the transducer's installation with respect to the transom, bottom of the hull, and of other objects in close proximity.

Q1. Is this transducer a High Chirp?
A1. Yes.
Hi Chuck,

The chared depth is correct as on the chart application.
I have the latest update as well.
I have done a factory reset as well but still doing the same.

Here are some pic of the mounted transfucer.
I am running twin engine.
Hi Chuck,

Yes the charted depth was same on the chart app.

I also have the latest software version installed.

I did a factory reset but nothing has improved.

Here are some picture of the mounted transducer.
Hi Bon vibe,

Please provide the latitude and Longitude of where this is happening,

Thank you,

Hi Chuck,

Here is the coordinates in attachment.
Hi Bon vibe,

Those coordinates are on a steep drop off. They are just out side the contour line of 3281 feet. We would expect that type of behavior as the RV-100 has a max depth of 900 feet in optimal conditions. It would appear the water there is just to deep.
Hi Chuck,

I might have send you the wrong coordinates.
These are the island coordinates.

In the attachment i have took a picture of the vessel position where it was happening.
This area is not more then 900 feet.
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