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Full Version: Waypoint number indicators don't count from zero
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Hello, I just purchased a used Grady with your C120 installed. I was able to delete the existing waypoints but when I try to add new the numbering doesn’t start at one. He had over 170 waypoints saved in another area I don’t fish. Is it possible to get this back to the beginning numbers??? Thanks Doug
Hello Doug,

This is normal for a C-series and in fact any of our displays. It's just simpler from the point of view of the software design, and ensures that if you create 2 consecutive waypoints then they have consecutive numbers, which might well not be the case if (for example) you'd previously deleted Waypoints 1 and 3 but not Waypoint 2, and we always tried to use the lowest available number.

To get the waypoint numbering to start again from zero you'd need to do a Factory Reset (Settings And Data reset.) Make sure you back up any other setup and data you want to keep first though.

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