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Full Version: [CA11] Clinometer readout on MFD devices
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Given that the EV1 has heel Angie information, would it be possible to add an inclinometer function to the i70 and other MFD displays? This would be incredibly useful. As the data is already available, this might not be that difficult
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When operating with the latest available Raymarine product software updates and interfaced to a source of roll data (ex. an EV-1 CCU, etc.), the i70S/i70 MFIDs, Axiom/Axiom Pro/Axiom XL MFDs, and a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFDs will support displaying the Roll, Roll, and Heel Angle data items respectively. These data items may be found within the Boat data group.
Thanks for this.
Is this on both i70 & i70s displays?
I have the i70s. Any idea what FW update this was on?

You guys are the best!!!

Q1. Is this on both i70 & i70s displays?
A1. Yes. The i70 and i70S MFIDs utilize the same software.

Q2. I have the i70s. Any idea what FW update this was on?
A2. I am uncertain about when this feature was introduced, however, it may be specified that heel angle is supported within the latest available i70/i70S MFID software update. It is additionally recommended that you ensure that your Evolution autopilot components have been updated with the latest available software updates.
Hi Chuck,,
Ok, I’ve got it on my i70 now. That’s the good news.
The not great news is that they disabled the graphical display as far as options are concerned. In other words, it will show you 10 degrees of heel at 10.
It would be infinitely more usable if they had the semi- circular graphic display, with a number attached.
Is there any reality that your folks could consider this? From a programming standpoint, I believe it’s fairly trivial, as they already have the display function for other items
Thanks so much !!!

Your feature suggestion will be logged accordingly to be considered for inclusion within a future i70/i70S MFID software update.

Please click here for more information concerning product and feature suggestions.
Thanks so much!

your welcome,
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