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Full Version: [DG11] Tacktick T121 NMEA output
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I have an old Tacktick Hull Transmitter with separate inputs for Speed, Depth & Compass.

The speed/depth transducer is fully analog and I have the wiring diagram from Airmar for that.
What are the details of the 5 wired Compass inputs (see photo)?

Is it possible to get a wired NMEA (1083) output from this device? Either from the external compass input lines, or internally from the circuitboard (see photo)
Hi Jon_g

Thankyou for your enquiry.

The compass input is colour coded and the cable from the TackTick compass T909 is colour coded - simply connect them colour for colour. Only a TackTick compass sensor T909 can be connected.

The Hull transmitter box does not have any NMEA ptotocol connectivity, you will need to source a Wireless interface box, T122, network this to the hull transmitter and then connect NMEA0183 to the NMEA connections on the T122.

So what are the unused connections of the PCB? Do you have a circuit diagram?
Hi jon_g

This information is not available to us since the unit is manufactured off site, I am afraid I cannot supply this
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