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Full Version: [CC11]mn30 Tacktick wireless wind
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I have a Tacktick mn30 wireless wind instrument and wind vane.
Q: Can I use the wind wireless transducer from the above mentioned unit to connect via Raymarine Micro-Talk Gateway and then view the results on a I70s multifunction display and eliminate the MN30 display?
Hello [email protected] and welcome to the Raymarine Forum.

You are not able to completely remove the MN30 from the system for a couple of reasons. A MN30 or wireless display is needed to power on the wireless side of the system. It is also needed for the auto-network procedure and any calibrations. you would be able to move the MN30 to a out of the way location assuming it still has good signal strength in the system.

There are a number of different packs including the microtalk puck at this link to support your upgrade, https://www.raymarine.com/instrument-dis...index.html
So if I'm understanding you correctly, I could get the
raymarine Micro-Talk Puck and incorporate it into the STng Network, power up the MN30 (it would be out the way) and it will display the wind info on the I70s multifunction display? Is that correct?

Thanks, Norm
Hi Norm,

Yes that is correct. The i70 and micro talk will of course need to be on a terminated and powered stng buss. The i70 will show wind data along with other data. A full list of data is in the microtalk install guide. The MN30 will be needed to power on the wireless side, auto-network and calibrate.

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