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Full Version: [DG11]Networking E7 and A75 MFD
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Hi, been looking around the web and this forum and looking for some advice.

I have 2 MFD, E7 and A75, I am looking to use them in a master/slave configuration.

I have read this is possible using the network port.

So my question is, I have brought 2
Raymarine RayNet Female to RJ45 Female Adaptor Cable 100mm

and plan to join them with a Cat5 cable, but i need to know if this is a standard or a cross over cable ?

Many thanks
Hi pkitteri1

Thankyou for your enquiry,

We recommend the two units be connected with a Raynet to Raynet cable, thus avoiding the need for a connector or join, experience has shown that the more connections you have the more opportunity there is for a poor connection and poor performance.

it is important that both MFDs have the same operating software version loaded.

Hi Derek,

Many thanks for the reply, i understand about the recommendation about extra connections/joints, being a network engineer.

But reason for the cat5 option was needing smaller [censored] to pass cable through.

I therefore can assume; if i can use a raynet to raynet cable then a standard cat5 cable with the raynet - RJ45 will also work ?

Yes both units have the same level of operating system

many thanks
Hi pkitteri1

you would be better advised using the Raynet to Raynet cable, cutting and splicing it, bear in mind that Raymarine uses additional cores in the cable to shield against RFi and as a ground.

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