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Full Version: Axiom 7 and with Garmin GPS 19x NMEA 2000
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Should this combination work or not?
In my case it doesn't. It is alive in the logs where GPS packets can be seen originating from the 19x but it doesn't show up as a selectable data source. In the Axiom logs I see "Position Rapid Update" NMEA 2000 packets from the 19x with correct coordinates.
Maybe I'm missing some step to make it show up as a data source?
I failed to attach some screen shots of what's going on but hopefully the gdrive links work, my Axiom language is set to Swedish and the screen shots a bit poor in quality. If needed I can change language to English and try to improve the quality.
The network page shows the 19x properly detected:
Network page
The 19x also shows up in the NMEA device page:
NMEA devices
Sensible log entries from the 19x with GPS related protocol packets:
NMEA trace
But the 19x does not show up as a GPS Datum data source (and not as a GPS data source either), only the internal GPS is vissible:
Data sources
Hello diggan,

I know of no reason why this shouldn't work. Can you make a recording of the NMEA2000 data (press Start recording in the NMEA Devices and messages diagnostic menu that you have already been using) and send that to me so that I can look at the raw data and see what is wrong?

Hi Tom,
I found this Raymarine forum post: raymarine axiom
So I switched off the internal GPS and hurray it works!
Satellites page
It still does not show up as a selectable data source but I'm happy I got it to work.
(The sensitivity is a lot better than the built-in receiver, the boat is now in a barn with metal roof and the 19x still picks up the signal quite well, the internal Axiom GPS never locks or produces any coordinates in that situation. Both antennas are close to each other.)

Still it would be more user friendly if the 19x showed up as a selectable data source. If it helps I can send a log of the raw data when I'm back at the boat in 1-2 weeks. Will that still be useful even if it works now by applying the workaround?
Hi Anders,

I'm glad to hear it's working. Yes, I would like to get a copy of the raw data, if it's a problem in our software that stops the Garmin GPS appearing as a data source then I would like to see if we can get this resolved. Even if it's not our software, I would like to know what the specific cause is so that we can give accurate advice to other owners.

Regarding the Axiom's internal receiver: it will usually have a couple of limitations compared to an external receiver: they're commonly flush-mounted so have extra material to attenuate the signal, and they have all of the electrical noise from the other systems in close proximity inside the display's housing.

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