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Full Version: Tacktick T121 to wired NMEA 0183
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I have an old Tacktick T121 hull transmitter with separate inputs for speed, depth and compass.
Is it possible to get a NMEA (0183) output from this?
Either from the external "input" connections, or from the printed circuitboard itself (see photos).
Hello jon_g,

No, there's a separate device (the Wireless Interface, part T122) which has the same housing but a completely different circuit board inside, to do that job.

But the unit pictured is T121 & T122...so presumably it is doing just that.
Hello jon_g,

No, the part in your photos is definitely only a Hull Transmitter. It has on a single label the compliance and regulatory information for either of the products that that the housing can be used with, but the lower label shows which of the two different circuit boards is actually fitted. I can promise you that there is no NMEA0183 anywhere on the circuit of that Hull Transmitter board. If what you would like to do were possible, we wouldn't need two different products/part numbers.

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