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Full Version: Raymarine Element conecting to wifi.
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Not long ago I've purchased Element 7HV, now, I've tryed to connect to wifi, to get the update. I was asked for network password and android keyboard came up on the screen. I was able to move directional pad between password window and show/hide password box only. Could not highlight any letters on the keyboard.
How im suppose to put in my password in?

Thank you!
Hello Rytis,

This was a known problem in v3.9.98 software for the Element displays, and was solved in v3.10.10. I know that you're trying to get online in order to do a software update and so have a chicken-and-egg situation, so I think that you're going to need to do this update via an SD card instead, and do future updates over Wifi. You can download the software and get full update instructions at https://www.raymarine.eu/service-and-sup...rt-os.html

Thank you. I updated via SD card.
Unfortunetely i have 2 more issues,should i start new thread or i can continue here?

1. After update to newest version-nothing is changed in the menu-i cant see so called Winter flasher.
2. I have installed it on the kayak. Now,even if im on anchor, it shows my speed going up and dawn up to 180 km/h. Same then im moving

Any solution on those?

Best regards
Hello Rytis,

I am sorry, I don't know what you mean by Winter flasher: can you explain any more? Sorry about this.

About the high speed, this sounds like you have a problem with your GPS data. If the GPS fix is not accurate then you can have a large difference between the calculated GPS position from one moment to the next and the system thinks that you have moved quickly between these locations. I would suggest having a look at the GPS status information at this FAQ and posting back some screenshots of your Satellite Status page so that I can see why you might be getting a poor GPS fix.

Hi ,sorry for late reply and thank you for your patience.

1. I understood ,that i would get winter profiles after update,but its just me, i must be took it wrong.

2. I atached some screenshots of my speed showing. If it would happend one time there and there -i would not pay attention to it,but its annoingly offten,basicly almost all the time.
Ive read the article you sugested and played little with settings,but its very little i can do and i didnt notice any improvement.
The unit is on open deck ,kayak.There is no obstructions above or on sides. I had USB port close to it,but i disconected it from power-still no effect.

Any other solutions how to fix it? Should i try reinstall update?

Thanks for your help
Hello Rytis,

You can get the ice-fishing profile in the display either by
  • doing a Factory Reset on the display and selecting ice fishing on the second step of the Setup wizard
  • selecting the Ice Fishing demo option in Home > Settings > Demo Type

On the GPS data: I can understand that you would have very high SOG data when your GPS HDOP is high and accuracy is low, as in Screenshot008. When you have an inaccurate GPS fix your calculated position wanders and the system thinks that you are moving between locations, sometimes at high speed. What I don't understand is why you would have high SOG when your position data is as accurate in Screenshot009 (HDOP of 0.9, accuracy of 2.5m.) Were you seeing high SOG at the time when you took that screenshot?
If we compare those two screenshots and look at where the satellites are in the sky and their signal levels, it looks like you have better signal levels on a number of satellites in 009 than 008, and in particular in 008 you have very poor signal levels between the NNE and SW directions. Can you tell me what was different between when those screenshots were taken, and what might have been blocking the view of the satellites to the NW?

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