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Full Version: Prevent AIS650 to go into silent mode when switching off C140W
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Is there a way to prevent the AIS650 to go into silent mode when switching off the C140W?

Both are connected to a powered and terminated
STNG backbone system.
Hello Pan76,

When you say Silent Mode, can I just confirm that the AIS is no longer transmitting position to other AIS receivers (as opposed to, say, no longer talking on the STNG network)? How have you verified this?

There is no problem that I am aware of that causes the AIS650 to go into Silent Mode and not transmit over radio when the MFD is powered down. The prerequisites for the AIS to transmit vessel information are:
  • MMSI number programmed (obviously this won't change if the MFD is powered down)
  • Silent Mode override wires on the power cable not connected together (orange and light green)
  • Silent Mode not instructed by PC software over USB, MFD or other NMEA2000 device
  • AIS has a GPS position fix from its own dedicated antenna (external NMEA2000 or NMEA0183 GPS is not sufficient, the internal receiver is RAIM-compliant)
  • AIS has measured a reasonable VSWR from the connected radio antenna

I can't see off the top of my head why powering the MFD down would change any of these conditions which is why I want to be sure I understand the symptom correctly.

Correct, when powering down the MFD the AIS stops transmitting AIS info to other AIS’s and base stations. I have verified that by checking via streaming AIS data and other AIS stations.
MMSI is programmed.
Wires separated.
No other connections to the AIS than the STNG-network.
AIS has own connected GPS antenna.
VSWR is 1,1

Two MFD’s connected via STNG, switching off either of them the AIS goes into silent mode and can then be set to transmit from the other one.
With both MFD’s switched off I can not stop silent mode from PROAIS program either.
Ok, I had completely forgotten about this, but that's a known issue when C-series Widescreen and AIS650 are connected together on STNG unfortunately.

I think that the only way round it would be to connect the two together via NMEA0183 instead of STNG - there's no Silent Mode control over 0183.

Actually it is working now:)
The problem was that the menu was translated wrong.

Silent mode is translated into a word meaning “transmit”, on and off then gives different results.
However when starting the MFD the AIS always leave silent mode wich suits me fine.
Hi Pan 76

Glad to hear is it working,

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