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Full Version: Type II Hydraulic Arm Hose Question
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Hello and thanks in advance for any advice / input.

I'm midway through installing a Raymarine Type II Hydraulic Linear Arm. Have the arm mounted and am currently dry fitting the hydraulic pump and the reservoir.

I noticed today that 2 out of the 3 hoses coming out of the hydraulic arm are fixed, and the one in the middle is able to swivel or move around. I also noted that the middle hose feels a bit looser than the other two so maybe it is not fully tightened and should not swivel at all.

I was under the assumption that the hoses would or will be able to swivel or move easily while still being fully tight / connected so that I can point them in the best direction for fitting the pump. Hydraulic hoses I've worked with in the past were able to do this and still be tight / fully connected.

Wanted to ask some, or all of the hoses on this arm should swivel, or if they need to be more fixed / stationary when tightened to work properly.

I will attach a photo of what I'm talking about that hopefully helps visualize this.

Thank you for your help and support,
// Phil
Hello Phil,

The short answer is that if you had loose fittings then that would be apparent from a fluid leak, but just to confirm: the fitting into the linear itself and the hex barrels (as in, used to tighten the fittings) should not move, but it's ok for the elbows to rotate as this allows the system to adapt to movement of the drive in use and for different installation locations.

Does this answer the question?

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