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Full Version: [CC11] Racemaster T070 Question
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Hi... Louise/Chuck... I'm slowing updating my electronics as per our various online 'Chats".... I have now purchased a new Raymarine Mirconet wifi adapter and once I can get down to the boat I will add this unit to enable my T070 Racemaster to send it's compass heading back to the A50D Classic MFD....
I have read the Racemaster manual and understand that this unit is fitted with a countdown timer... My yacht is currently fitted with a ST60 Tridata unit which I currently use for my start timer, My question is. Is there anyway to link the countdown timers?... I really like the idea of seeing the time to start on the mast unit.
However, Running up to the mast to start the timer really isn't practical...whereas pressing the countdown function button on the st60 is really handy/easy...

Thanks in advance

Hi Tim,

Q1-Is there anyway to link the countdown timers?
A1-There is not way to link the countdown timers together.

you may want to take a look at the Raymarine wireless maxi display and remote. https://www.raymarine.com/instrument-dis...index.html

I would also recommend checking out this video on the subject, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrDIKJSuOkE
Thanks for the quick reply Chris... Would I be able to control the T070 countdown timer Via the Raymarine wireless remote?... If so, Which one would I need to order???

I also note reading the manual for the Micronet unit that it recommends mounting on the deck surface... My Yacht is tiny (25ft) and deck space is at a premium... given that it's going to be nearly impossible to achieve a deck mount, Will I be able to mount it inside the boat?... It will be at most 10ft away from the T070 unit...

Also, I presently use a Seatalk1 to wifi converter to transmit my data to a tablet that we use to build polars for boat performance.... Will the Micronet unit be able to do the same thing?? and if so, How do you connect to it... I have had a quick read of the manual and can see nothing in there (underline a quick read)...

Thanks in advance

Hello Tim,

You would order the T113.

The micronet is line of sight. You can try mounting the unit where you have described if signal strength is an issue it will need to be moved to be better location.
micronet does not have wifi capability.

Thanks Chris....

So the T113 will control the countdown timer... That's good to know

So if my understanding of your reply is correct, I should still be able to have the Seatalk1 to wifi converter onboard with no ill effects to the Micronet?...

Kind Regards

Hi Tim,

The Seatalk to wifi will not affect the micronet.

Thanks Chris
Your welcome,
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