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Full Version: E120 Classic upgrade
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I have two E120 Classic MFD's on my boat, one in cabin and one on bridge. Is it possible to upgrade using the same cables, mounts, etc., possibly using adapters?

Hi Mel,

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We are happy to advise you on how to upgrade your E120 to current version Multi Function Displays. It is not an easy question to answer not knowing what other components are connected on your network, if indeed they are on a network. Also it's good to know what your uses and expectations are. The true answer is really a lengthy discussion.

The E120 can get replaced by Axiom 12" which has only a touch screen or Axiom Pro 12" which has a touch screen and a sidebar with a rotary and button control panel. Please visit our website https://www.raymarine.com/multifunction-...index.html

There will be a need to change cables and install a STng network and/or HS5 switch to enable graphic content to be shared between the displays.

You may benefit more from discussing this further with a member of our support team by phone or find an Authorized Raymarine Service Dealer here https://www.raymarine.com/buy/find-a-dealer.html

Hope this helps

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