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Full Version: Seatalk Instrument Connection Question
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My brother purchased your i50/i60 instruments for wind, speed and depth, however running all the transducer cables to the binnacle will be tough; maybe not even possible.

A single cable will work fine though, so using SeaTalk connections ought to work. Apparently he will need a Master Controller , and is likely the i70s. Additionally, two terminators, and iTC-5 and some additional cables would be required.

I've rearranged one of your sample connection diagrams (see below) and would like to know if it is correct prior to him purchasing more equipment. Please advise. Thank-you.

[Image: aWQDbKB.jpg]
Hello Eggbert,

The below configuration will work. There is one thing to note. The length of the four cables combined coming off the t-piece cannot exceed 20 ft. As long as they meet that this will work as designed.
Thank-you for your reply. The total distance is about 20 feet, so until I can measure accurately (using a piece of cord), I thought I'd ask about an alternative hookup.

I take it the 20 foot limit is based on the availability of pre-manufactured spur cables and there doesn't appear to be any in-line connections for extending a spur cable.

Not so with the backbone cables though. So here's another possibility.... if it will work, and by that I also mean the i70s can still be used to calibrate the individual wind, depth and speed sensors.

Please take a look and advise. Thank-you.

[Image: Lbtz2nq.jpg]
Yes, the backbone cables are for going from station to station or longer cable runs.
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