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Full Version: Quantum & MARPA
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Dear Raymariners

I currently have an eS78 upgraded to Lighthouse III. I have since fitted a heading sensor(Garmin FastCast) and have just purchased a Quantum Radome. (not arrived as yet)

My question is, will this set up give me any MARPA overlays / display data. and would I benefit from an AIS reciever in this set up.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Hello Robin,

Yes, if you have NMEA2000 heading data then that will allow MARPA target tracking. AIS is also always useful - it can track targets that may be obscured from radar by sea, rain or other-target clutter (e.g. moored boats), can track targets potentially further away than radar may be able to (for example with a masthead-mounted AIS antenna compared to a radar mounted on a pole on the stern-rail), can track larger numbers of targets simultaneously and can give other useful information such as the vessel's MMSI number - but it's not required for radar MARPA operation. It's a good complement to radar.

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