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Full Version: [CC11] Seatalk to NMEA 2000
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I have been reading a few of the topics on seatalk 1 to NMEA 2000. I have a ST 60m network but no seatalkng instruments. My newer instruments are NMEA 2000. As I understand it I must buy the converter and install that as part of the backbone, blank off the seatalkng plugs and simply use the converter as a spur T connection. The converter translates all seatalk 1 to NMEA format??? And all is well? I can then remove the multiplexer to simplify a section. that device seems to be acting up and I have lost the position data from the system.
1/ The converter is a backbone spur talking seatalk 1 info into the 2000 system?
2/ Another spur feeds an Actisense 2000 to 0183 converter for position data to the radios.
3/ Spur takes info from the SiTex AIS transceiver for vessel info to the 2000 and shares with the last.
4/ a Lowrance MFD

So purchase the E22158 package, plug in the seatalk 1 to the yellow position, cut off one end of the backbone cables and convert them to devicenet micro C connections?

Separately, will the Lowrance HDS 7 be able to use the depth and heading and wind data?
Hello Arcflash,

Could you provide a full list if every piece of equipment in this installation?

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