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Full Version: interfacing VHF/Vessel View SC5000/ Axiom 9 /RS150 ant
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I installed the Axiom 9 w/ RS 150 ant.
I need to interface the ICOM VHF 0183 only to show position and Verado vessel view SC5000 display for GPS MPH only, as all other engine functions are displayed.
So, i purchased the Seatalk ng / 0183 converter to run the yellow to my VHF. Question....Have does to SC5000 display connect. Do I need a second converter and extend to backbone???

Thank you,
Hello Robert,

If the ICOM VHF is 0183-only then our STNG-NMEA0183 interface is probably suitable, but I would suggest checking 2 things on the VHF:
  1. Our interface only outputs GLL messages, no other NMEA0183 data
  2. Our interface is not an isolated output, so the input of the VHF must or you risk a ground loop (not a good thing)

On the VesselView display: Mercury's SmartCraft is proprietary data, but if you use one of the SmartCraft - NMEA2000 gateways that they offer then that may well allow the SC5000 to get your Axiom's GPS data and also should allow the Axiom to get the engine data, but I would suggest asking Mercury about that.

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