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Full Version: E Series thru hull transducer, steel hull.
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Can you please advise the appropriate thru hull transducer model for the E Series E127 multifunction display.

I would prefer it to be made of plastic and also need a supplier in northern NSW, Australia.

The transducer must be able to be adjusted for up to 20 deg deadrise.
Hello Kira,

We don't do a plastic through-hull suitable for that angle of deadrise that's e127-compatible. We do offer a stainless-steel version though, the A80570 SS60 20-degree tilt with an E66066 adaptor cable. In plastic we only have 0-degree tilt that are directly compatible with that display.

We have a dealer locator at https://www.raymarine.com.au/buy/find-a-dealer.html: we have 2 dealers in each of Coffs Harbour or Port Macquarie, or on the Gold Coast.

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