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Full Version: Networking Axiom 7 with Axiom pro 9
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Having issues with this as the Axiom pro 9 is new and on newer software although not sure this is this issue.

When they are powered on the axiom pro 9 sees both displays but also displays the message in the picture indicating a network issue?

when the axiom pro 9 is selected the axiom 7 just shows a progress bar waiting for the data master.

The axiom 7 doesn't recognise any axiom pro 9 on the network.

Anyone seen this before? Is it just a matter of updating the software?

Thanks in advance,

Hello Rom,

I would guess that the two Axiom displays are running different software versions: they need to be running the same version in order to work reliably together.

Regarding the IP Conflict message, this is appearing because your boat Wifi is providing the display with a Wifi IP address that is within the same range (10.0.x.x to 10.31.x.x) that Raymarine systems use for their own navigational networks, and so the display can't tell whether a particular IP address is on the wired or wireless networks. To be able to use the boat Wifi, the boat Wifi setup would need to be changed so that if provided IP addresses of 10.32.x.x or above. I'm afraid the navigation network's IP setup cannot be changed.

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