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Full Version: DSM 300 Depth not displaying
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i have c80 classic, with DSM300 and P319 transducer. It is on an aluminum boat where the transducer is a thru hull centerline to the main outboard (16" inward of the transom, and 48" from the outboard gear case).

The depth will read a most of the time, but it stops reading occasionally when I need to know the depths when setting shrimp pots 400-600 ft. It just flashes --. During this time I'm generally moving slow (3 to 7 knots)

I upgraded the main supply cable to the fused panel from 10 gauge to 4 gauge a few years ago.

If I can't fix this I'm considering upgrading to the Axiom model. Could the thru hull transducer be replaced or would I need to go to transom mount? Best transom mount location?


Hello Ryan,

If you can send us some screenshots of the sounder performance when in our DSM diagnostic manual gain setup (100% Gain, 10% Colour Gain, 0% TVG, other details as in this FAQ, we can see if we can see why it's not working. Make sure you turn off Bottom Fill, Bottom Lock and White Line modes and use an appropriate manual range.

There's a lot of other info about possible causes of poor performance there too.

Post back any images you get and I'll take a look.

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