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Full Version: [JB11] Dragonfly 4 Power Connector Doesn't Lock
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On my last outing I found that when I went to plug in my fishfinder unit the power cable would not plug in all the way, nor would the locking collar turn completely. At a glance I couldn't see any bent pins, but the cable won't plug in. Do you have any suggestions for next steps?

Thank you.
Hello soup0man,

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If it is not possible for the locking collar to turn there must be an object there that's stopping it. With a good bright light have a very good look in the back of the Dragonfly 4 socket and also the end of the cable. Sometimes it's possible for small object to get lodged in the cable plug end, such as bits of sand. If you find anything in the cable plug, with the holes facing down, tap it against the side of something timber or plastic. Take care not to hit too hard and destroy it altogether.

Hope this helps

Happy boating

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Hi, thanks for the welcome and the reply Jules. I went and examined the cable and the socket and was unable to see any obstruction. After a visual exam I also blew compressed air over and through where the pins would seat in an attempt to get unseen particles out. Do you have a suggestion of where to go from here?

Thank you.
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Hi soup0man,

The locking collar not turning can only be because the plug is not seating onto the socket fully. Blowing compressed air into the cable plug will lodge any objects in there even more and not blow it out. As suggested previously, you need to have the plug facing downward and tap it vigorously against something like a piece of timber or plastic to dislodge what ever is there.

Failing that, you will have to find another cable (perhaps through a fishing club) to check that it can plug in corretly and determine if the problem lies in the cable or the display.

Happy boating and kind regards
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