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Full Version: [DG11] AIS transeiver advice for e120
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Hello - we have a fully integrated e120 system circa 2006. We have AIS receiver capability. We'd like to upgrade to an AIS transceiver. So, is there just a 'receiver' box we can add to our system? Or do we need to be a new transceiver box?

Also, I'm not actually sure how we are currently receiving AIS - eg which antenna is being used, which box under the dash is the AIS, etc but its all integrated into the e120. We have two tall white radio antennas (at least one must be the VHF), a small white domed unit which i think is the DGPS, and another short black antenna which is I think a Leica differential receiver for our Simrad heading sensor.

It may be obvious that we have just purchased a boat with a full suite of Raymarine kit but we've got no local support where we're situated! Any advice welcome. Thanks.
Hi pbrewin
Thankyou for your enquiry,

There is not a simple add on I am afraid, you will need to change the receiver only to a transceiver, currently we have the AIS700 as a class B transceiver, click here for more information.

It is likely the AIS receiver is currently sharing the vhf antenna, the AIS700 has a built-in active antenna splitter, which is important, the powered splitter ensures that you do not lose performance of the antenna by sharing it between the vhf and the AIS transceiver.

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