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Full Version: [DG11] Power issues with my Dragonfly 7
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Having trouble with my Raymarine Dragon Fly 7 graph on my 16ft boat. I have it wired with an inline fuse with heavy wire directly to the starter battery that has the 40hp motor, bilge, and lights running on it. Problem is, every time I throttle up or down I lose power to the graph. It turns back on when the motor is off or idle.

I don’t have room for another big battery but would like to know if there is a more powerful starter battery anyone can suggest that would solve the issue. I found some small batteries that could fit that are suggested for kayaks but would like to avoid another battery if possible.

Any suggestions or ideas that would fix the problem?
Hi Thegolfpro313

Thank you for your enquiry,

The most likely issue is not lack of voltage but too much! The Dragonfly is protected against overvoltage and I suspect when the engine is revv'd the output voltage from the engine alternator is much higher than the range accepted by the Dragonfly, or possible is very spikey from a voltage point of view and the Dragonfly is shutting down to protect itself.

Try fitting a power supply conditioner in the power lead to the dragonfly to smooth the voltage and prevent the voltage becoming too high for the unit to handle.


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