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Full Version: [TG11] Can wireless display show data from wired instruments
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I’ve got the tacktick wireless wind transducer with the handheld remote. I don’t like the fact that I’ve got to keep the remote on in order to receive wind data on my chart plotter via the microtalk gateway. I’d rather have a hard mounted display for that purpose. I am considering getting a wireless display to use for this. Are there any wireless display units capable of showing me data from my other, wired transducers such as depth, speed, etc? This would make the purchase of a wireless display more useful.

Hello Chris,

Yes, the mn100-2 displays can show a wide range of data, and from either the wireless or wired networks via the MicroTalk. You can see a full list of what they'll display in their handbooks which you can find here, but that certainly includes speed and depth.

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