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Full Version: Axiom Pro 9 RVX purchase
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I am looking at moving away from a different Fishfinder system to Raymarine.

Currently I am considering purchasing the following to replace my older setup:

Axiom 7 E70363-00-NAG
Front mount kit 7" A80498
axiom pro 12 RVX E70372-00-NAG
Front mount kit with cover - 12" A80501
CPT-100 DVS Transducer A80351
CPT adapter cable a80490
Raymarine RV-312 - dual trans T70320
HS-5 SeaTalk Switch (network) a80007
eth 1m A62360
eth 1m A62360
ethernet 20m ethernet 20
radar T70243

This is on a 2002 Triton 2690 with Twin Yamaha 200's.
Normally it is trailer ed.

Instead of the RV-312's, could I use two of the
Real vision transducer RV100's ? A80464, and "Y" them in, or will they not work together.

Please note any other items I might have left off to make this system work.

(edited, to correct part number for the RVX 12", i had the chirp ONLY version, incorrectly)
Hi Trek203,

Welcome to the forum,

This looks like it will be a great fit-out on your Triton 2690. Fish won't stand a chance

Two RV-100s can't be connected together on a Y cable due to their internal configuration, however that's exactly what the RV-312s or RV-212s are designed for.

There's a lot of value from buying all Raymarine products and getting them installed by an Authorized Raymarine Service dealer as you will get on board warranty. You can search here -> Dealer Locator

Happy boating and kind regards
Thanks for responding, Jules!

As a side note, I currently use TimeZero Professional V4 (via a PC laptop) connected via RJ-45 on my existing system.

The software can utilize NMEA0183 or NMEA2000 (via Actisense NGT1-USB).

I would prefer a direct RJ-45 connection if possible.

Is there a cable I can connect to the SeaTalk Switch that will connect to my PC network port? Both network "ports on the Pro RVX appear to be the round type only. Is the NGT1 the only way to connect this?

(Basically, is there a Seatalk to RJ-45? Everything seems to be a "round" SeaTalk network connection)

I see that there is a 0183 converter, NGW-1-STNG, as well as the NMEA.
If I have to use a converter, i would assume the preference would be to go NMEA2000.

Thanks for your help!
Hi Trek203,

SeaTalkNg uses cables that are black with a white trace and white plugs. RayNet uses all black cables with black plugs which only connect to network ports of HS5 switch and other products that have the same port.
All cables have female (F) plugs and all ports have male (M) pin connection.

Yes there are RayNet to RJ45 cables;

A62360 - RayNet (F) to RJ45 (M) cable - 1m
A80151 - RayNet (F) to RJ45 (M) cable - 3m
A80159 - RayNet (F) to RJ45 (M) cable - 10m

Hope this helps

Happy boating and kind regards
Thanks for your assistance, this is exactly what I needed.
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