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Full Version: [JB] Connecting Airmar transducer to gs-165
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I am seeking to connect one of my 2 current Airmar transducers to a gs165 MFD. Looking for information on the proper connector cables/converters needed.

Currently, one transducer is connected to a Lowrance HD5 FF, the other to a FURUNO RD-30.

I am attaching photos of the tags found attached to the transducers.

Any guidance would be appreciated.
Hello Greenwood,

Transducers are not suitable to connect between different brands of sounders for many technical reasons even though they seem to have similar names e.g. P58. Airmar produce many different types of marine transducers and the numbers commonly used to identify them only indicate the type of container the transducer is housed in, the actual transducer element configuration is different for the specific brand and connection type.

Your gs165 will need correct transducers designed to work with these units. Please consult with your friendly Raymarine retailer or call the Support helpline in your location.

Happy boating and kind regards
Thank you very much for the guidance, Jules.

I suspected that was the case. However, reading some of the older threads, I recall that Chuck (one of the moderators) had mentioned that various cables/adapters/converters may exist that can allow connecting Airmar sounders to Raymarine MFD or standalone Raymarine sonar modules.

I was hoping that such a thing exists for one of my adapters. Haul-outs are not easily available or advisable at the moment, so I thought I would look at the conversion option for now.

Thank you again

Hi Greenwood,

Yes you can connect Airmar transducers to Raymarine MFDs providing the transducers are designed and therefore tested by our engineers to work correctly. There are cases where older Airmar transducers can connect to newer MFDs but they are ones designed to work on Raymarine products. In your case neither of the transducers from other brands are compatible with your display.

Happy boating and kind regards
Makes sense.

Thank you, Jules
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