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Full Version: [TG11] External GPS NMEA 0183 For AXIOM Pro 12
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I bought an AXIOM Pro 12 to be installed in an existing aluminum overhead electronics box which makes it a little difficult to receive high angle GPS satellite broadcasts.The AXIOM Pro 12 has version 3.11.42 software. It does recognize the NMEA 0183 RMC sentence at 1 sentence per second to satisfy the "Time & date" data source.

Can you tell me which NMEA 0183 GPS sentences, and at what sentence rates, will be required for the most complete operation of features of the AXIOM PRO 12 when a future version of the Lighthouse operating system supports the use of NMEA 0183 GPS sentences?

Thank you for all the help you provide on this forum.

Hello Dave,

We currently have an open engineering report about Axiom Pro v3.11.42 software not accepting NMEA0183 GPS data. This is expected/intended to work, so I expect it will be resolved in a future software update for the Axiom Pro. Since NMEA0183 is pretty archaic now and little-used in the kinds of systems that Axiom Pro tends to be installed in, I am not sure whether that will make it into the next software release (v3.12) though. When you say 'most complete operation of features' -a slightly flippant response to this would be to say that the most complete operation will come with NMEA2000 rather than 0183.

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