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Full Version: [TG11] NMEA / Yamaha / Element
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I have recently replaced a Lowrance HDS5 with an Element fishfinder.

My boat has a tested and working NMEA 2000 network that includes my Yamaha F150 Outboard. The HDS5 that I removed was displaying all the engine data from my outboard.

I removed the HDS5, and replaced it with the Element. I have the NMEA connection on the new Element connected in exactly the same place as the HDS5 I removed.

When I do the engine scan on the Element, it cannot "find" the engine.

What could I be doing wrong?
Hello wankykootiepooper,

The engine detection wizard in the Element and Axiom displays is for configuring our ECI100 engine gateway. If you don't have an ECI, the engine setup won't do anything. That being said, if the data is standard NMEA2000 and has the correct engine Instance numbers then the data should be there already with no setup required. See this FAQ for more information.


As a firmware developer, I think you've given me a great opportunity here.

I'll report back on my progress.

I have other things ahead of this. Might be a month or so.

Thanks for the open discussion. It is appreciated.


First, the stuff you pointed me at, and the instructions you provided were not for the Element. This unit uses Lighthouse Sport 3.9. I can't any any way to monitor or modify how this device deals with NMEA PGNs.

Internet research shows that PGNs 127488 and 127489 are used by Yamaha to send engine and fuel consumption, and those PGNs are supposedly also already present in the Lighthouse Sport 3.9 as they are referenced in the Light House Sport 3.9 Manual.

As such, the engine data should simply be displayed on the Element, as it was on my Lowrance HDS 5.

Should we open up a ticket?
Guys, it just works. I posted this in another post:

I have a 2007 Yamaha F150 and a new Raymarine Element.

I installed the Yamaha NMEA cable in the engine, connected the Yamaha engine NMEA cable at one end to a properly terminated NMEA backbone cable/tee. My backbone runs to the Element, then further to my dashboard through the bow and back, and the end terminator is there, under the dash. The Element NMEA cable connection runs into a Tee, and this is also where my backbone picks up it's power connection.

This network was displaying all of the available engine data on my older Lowrance HDS5 which I removed to install the Element.

Initially, I fought with the "Identify Engine" button, and couldn't figure out how to get things working.

After reading the instructions a few times, I saw that the Element actually tells you not to use "Identify Engines" unless something is wrong with the display you are seeing.

The connections I described, without anything other than the actual Yamaha engine to NMEA cable that is non NMEA standard, works fine without any changes to settings or menu adjustments. It is all "ready to go - out of the box".

I am getting all the usual Yamaha engine data, such as instantaneous fuel flow, and temps and pressures.

I'm absolutely delighted.
That's very good to hear, thanks for letting us know. Yes, NMEA2000 engine integration should 'just work', if it doesn't then the cause is usually incorrect engine instances.
Apologies for pointing you towards a non-Element FAQ link before, I must have still had 'Axiom' in my mind from a previous question I'd addressed.

By the way for anyone else reading this, the 'Identify Engines' setup item in Axiom/LH3 and Element/LH3-Sport software is for setting up our ECI-100 engine gateway. If you don't have an ECI-100 then this control won't do anything.

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