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Full Version: [TG11] Engine data page
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I have some (many) errors on my engine data page and there does not seem to be any way to correct them, it is of course possible that I am making some newbie errors as I am new to Raymarine.
I fitted a Quantum 2 radar, an 12" Axiom without sonar and a 9" Axiom RV, the 9" is set to master as it has the sonar. I have a NMEA 2K network connected, and a data cable between the two units. The latest version of software is installed.
Here are my issues :-
I can not get anything to show a red-line on the engine page I have tried both auto and manual (set to 5300)
I cannot edit/change information on the screen on some fields, for example rudder and and trim, the only option is to show and hide these, once they are hidden you may not add another information field over this location.
The top left and right fields can be changed when selected you have the option to hide or edit, if you select edit you can select the field you want to display from the presented sub menus.
You can not add new information fields to the display in the unused parts of the display.
I added data displays to this page to show some additional information but these then display on all associated pages ( navigation rolling road etc) and overwrites the information already on these pages.
I have added some pictures which demonstrate some of the errors.
Has everyone else experienced these errors or am I "special"? Is there a solution?
Hello Trask,

Quote:I can not get anything to show a red-line on the engine page I have tried both auto and manual (set to 5300)

I've had a look at this on my test system and custom red-line is working in the current v3.11 software (for single engines - red-line for multiple engines will be in the coming v3.12 software I believe, for others reading this.) What version of software is your display running? You can check its current software version and update over Wifi in Home > Settings > Getting Started. Also - the Manual/Auto setting (at least in v3.11) applies to the upper RPM limit of the gauge rather than the red zone. For the red zone, you enable or disable Custom RPM red zone and once enabled, set the value below this. Changing Maximum RPM between Auto and Manual does not affect the red-line.

Regarding the rest of your reports: in current LH3 software, these graphical page layouts are 'fixed'. We always have a large number of feature improvements in mind, and increased flexibility in the Dashboard is one of these, and I am confident you will see improvements over coming software releases.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your reply, firstly as I mentioned I am running the latest version of LH3 software v3.11.42 Cannes I did not include the exact version information in my post. The max RPM is set to auto on checking the screen I see that this is set to 5 which is almost the same value that I have set for the red line value, the screen actually shows 5 as a maximum RPM my engine WOT is 6300 so I am at a loss as to where the system is getting a 5 number, custom RPM red zone is set to 5300. I would have thought that any system that has an auto setting for an RPM value would set the display to a minimum of 1000 RPM above the red line start? or at the very very least alert that the setting for the redline is above the maximum engine RPM. I will see if I can set the auto to manual and set the RPM to 6300 and get a red line but this also implies that the auto function does not work (engine is a Mercury Verado 250 HP running through a Mercury N2K gateway).
With respect to the graphical page layouts being "fixed" I take this to mean can not be changed not have been made to work? the customize engine page does imply that they can be changed, I do not expect to be able to change the actual graphics which to me are the central display items, but all other data in "boxes" should be available to be added for example engine boost, at present they are not. I recognize of course that there are space limitations and that the number of engine parameters have to be capped but it would seem reasonable given the space that a user could have the central display plus six parameters of their choice on the engine page? I have moved up from a ten year old system and cannot display 50% of the engine data I had. No disrespect to your programmers or engineers but I do not consider trim tab position nor rudder angle to be critical engine data.
Finally on the central display may I suggest adding on all dials a below minimum red line, a green sector and an upper limit red line and on the RPM section a "programmable sweet spot marker" for example the sweet spot on my boat is 4700 RPM this gives me maximum fuel efficiency and speed balance.

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