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Full Version: Card reader question
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We have an Axiom 7 in our new boat. It came with the RCR-SD/USB reader. I want to replace it with the RCR-2 reader. Reason being, USB would stick out far enough that something is going to get damaged. The reader is in vulnerable spot. The RCR-2 is much better suited for that spot. Are the mounting screws holes identical between the two readers?

And I know the RCR-2 is discontinued but it's still available online.


It would be nice to have a Gopro app to work with LH3/Axiom. I know its been noted and logged in other threads.
Hi Ken_NJ ,

The USB port is really designed to have software loaded or charge a usb device if needed. The charts are on a micro sd card with a sd reader so the door can close while the boat is running. Both of these readers are identical in terms of cutout and mounting. They are interchangeable in that sense.

Noted, I will pass along the recommendation,

Over the weekend I put the Lighthouse card in the back of the unit and the Navionics card in the external car reader. Works fine. So no need for the RCR-2. Although its a pain to get at the back of the unit.

My next question is the Lighthouse charts came with my Axiom 7. Can I get updates since I don't have a paid subscription?
Hi Ken,

The lighthouse store is currently offline. We expect it back online in August with the ability to update the lighthouse chart. The previous policy stated you could update your lighthouse charts three times a year without charge.

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