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Full Version: [JB] CPT-100 transducer bottom paint
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Good morning. I've installed a new CPT-100 transducer on my Tartan 30, as part of the new Raymarine electronics package I bought. I've modified the composite high speed fairing to the curve of my hull, and the install is complete. My question is, do I apply bottom paint over the transducer and fairing? I appreciate any input, thank you and have a nice day. Dave
Hello Dave,

Welcome to the Raymarine forum,

To stop marine growth you do need to use bottom paint on any parts that are permanently in the water.

Here is an extract from Airmar - transducer manufacturers

"Anti-fouling Paint
Surfaces exposed to salt water must be coated with anti-fouling paint. Use water-based anti-fouling paint only. Never use ketone-based paint, since ketones can attack many plastics possibly damaging the transducer. Reapply anti-fouling paint every 6 months or at the beginning of each boating season."

There are a few options that slipway operators may have as well.

Hope this helps

Happy boating and kind regards
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