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Full Version: [TG11] AIS 500 Power/Data Cord PLUG Removal?
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I have an AIS 500 installed on my sailboat. How do I remove the Power/Data Cord PLUG at the unit? I want to leave the wires attached to my sailboat and simply want to remove the Power/Data plug at the AIS500 unit.

I need to send the unit to Raymarine in order to reset the MMSI. That is the reason for disconnecting the unit.

Thank you.
Hello svaspen,

The AIS500 wasn't designed for that (we didn't make that error in later AIS models) and even if you were to open the case, I have no memory now of how things are connected and secured internally. It's much less risky to disconnect externally, but if that's very hard your other option would be to get a Certified Installer (service dealer) to visit the boat and remove the MMSI number there through their laptop.

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