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Full Version: [TG11] HD Radar Won't Update From v3.23 to v6.16
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I continue to struggle to get my radar to update to v6.16. I have removed all sub components from the network and plugged it directly into the A127 MFD so it is the only component and it gets to 70% complete, stops and gives me this error. I flip the power switch on the base off/on and try again and same results....Did this 3 times and gave up. Please advise.
Hello ocgrant,

That v6.16 software isn't compatible with that radar. Strictly it should not attempt to start the upgrade, but it's correct that it doesn't finish it. V3.23 is the latest and final software release for the Enhanced (later) versions of the HD and SHD digital Open Array radars.

Ok perfect thank you... One last question will this radar work if I upgrade to Axiom XL displays?
Yes, this will work fine with any of the Axiom range including Axiom XL.

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