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Full Version: Quantum radar
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I read a post by Chuck comparing Quantum radome to HD radome and open array systems. Chuck, at the end you say it's a good better best comparison. With Quantum on the boron of the scale. I've compared the Quantum. To a 6 month old HD color dome and the target definition is much better with Quantum. What dome systems are the "better" systems you are referring to?
El borracho,

The reference to good/better/best reflect features not supported by Quantum radomes. These include 48 RPM, Bird Mode (very important to fishermen), and the ability to see returns from rain. That said, the target definition of Quantum may be perceived to be slightly better than the RD418HD, but may not be perceived as better than RD424HD (a very popular and recommended radome for smaller boats where fishing is a priority).
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