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Full Version: [TG11] Lost my ITC-5 after firmware update
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I updated my devices from my eS128 running latest LightHouse 3 with SD-cards, it all went fine until I restarted the system, now my ICT-5 flashes green but can see it and delivers no values..
Hello tomashermansson,

When STNG devices are updated, each device on the network will restart. Possibly the ITC5 simply hasn't started up correctly after this process. Have you removed power from the ITC5 and reconnected?

The v1.12 software that it looks like you had before the upgrade process is the latest (and the ITC5 software hasn't changed since 2014) so it shouldn't have had an update that might have caused the problem.

If powering the ITC5 off and on again doesn't solve the problem then I think you have a physical STNG network problem: where is the ITC5 in the network, can you provide a wiring diagram?

Its found again, the solution was to connect it closer to the eS128. Now I have the ITC-5 and the eS128 closer to the center of the SeaTalk NG network and its working fine again.
Ok, good to hear. Thanks for letting us know.
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