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Full Version: [TG11] Element HV picture quality
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I’d like to share this and ask advise how to get better quality?

• Raymarine Element HV (standalone) Software rel. 3.10.10
• HV-300THP (mounted on the front of the boat

This is sample of new wrek founded last week.

I cannot Reply (get HTTP 500 error), so I add better quality pictures here.
1st is Element HV and second is 3rd part (same wreck, same position)

Raymarine Marketing: "The 1.2 MHz HyperVision mode is optimized for high-precision imaging up to a distance of 30 meters".

Perhaps I was too optimistic, but I'd say depth cannot be more than 10 meter to get precision imaging using 1.2Mhz.
Hello hrokka2112,

Please can you post back higher-resolution images (ideally screenshots) showing the whole screen? It is very hard to give you accurate advice from low-resolution images of part of the screen.

HV 1.2MHz will not reach 40m. It is good for 20-25m at most. 350kHz is the correct frequency for that depth.

It looks like you may have some interference in the images you have posted, and also that perhaps you have the Gain or Intensity up a little high.
Regarding the 3D view, the system tries to determine (from signal strength) whether each echo is part of the bottom or something above it, and uses dots to display things above the bottom. In this case it's clearly decided that the wreck is not part of the bottom structure (correct) but is something that is sitting on or above it.

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