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Full Version: I70 Fast Beeping
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This past week I assisted a friend relocate his new (to him) 2016 Formula PC40. The boat is equipped with an e127, AIS700 (new, added before delivery), p70, i70, SeaTalk to STNG converter, EV-2, RS130 GPS. Radar All software is at or close to current levels.

I believe that this is a voltage issue but would appreciate your input.

During our trip, the i70 had a fast beep that we could not silence. There was no ALARM indicated. We went in and disabled all the alarms via the i70 menus, to no avail. We eventually shut it off.

When we reached our new location, shut down the engines and tried the i70. Fast beeping started immediately; shut it down. All alarms remained disabled via the i70 menu.

Next day, tried it again with slightly different results. Upon power up, fast beeping for about 4 seconds, then the system shut down by itself. I then held the power button on for approx. 5 seconds. The fast beeping started right away and white screen with "Battery" displayed in the upper left corner, "volts" in the upper right corner and 3 black rectangles displayed in the middle of the screen.

Pressed the i70 menu button and the menu came up. Went thru the screens but could not find any indication of the problem.

Went to the p70 and went thru its menus and found that it indicated a tempo of 32.91 C and Volts 10.28. Good indication of a power issue.

Went to the e127 and looked at the various network info. All devices were found, but the voltage for the e127 indicated 9.4 volts. Power is probably an issue.

So there appears to be a real issue with power. Just want to verify that it is causing the fast beeping on the i70. He is going to have the charger and batteries looked at.

As always, sorry for the book. I do have software version numbers if needed, but did not feel they added any useful info at this point.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Steve,

That is most certainly an indication of a power problem. When you check voltage we would prefer to see 13.7 volts. As you watch battery charges drop on marine systems you will see them go from fully charged (13.7) to discharged (12.8-12.5). Typically when you get to 12.2 it indicates your voltage is good but there is not enough current.
With a fully charged system you should be shooting for 13.6-7 volts. If you have 10.8 or 9.4 you have an issue with your power system.

Thank you Chris.

I did provide additional info, via a new post prior to your reply, indicating that we found that the breaker feeding the charger had tripped.

After resetting the CB and getting voltages into the proper range, we observed the same symptoms in the i70 (fast beeping once powered up that could only be silenced by powering down the unit). All alarms have been turned off on the i70.

What causes this fast beeping?

Thank you.

Hi Steve,

The fast beeping would be a failure. You should only observe beeping while pressing the buttons and getting alarms. I would recommend sending the i70 to get evaluated by our service department using this link, https://www.raymarine.com/view/index-id=779.html
Resolved and thank you for your help.

Though we had the battery charger on, the house batteries must have been really bad. All the batteries have been replaced (after testing them individually), and the beeping issue is resolved.

Thank you again.

Your welcome, glad to hear it is working,
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