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Full Version: Axion/e127 data compatability
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My boat has an Axiom Pro 9 and Axion 9, networked with a Quantum 2, AIS 700, Ray 60 VHF, P70/EV-1 Auto pilot, etc. The MFDs are current (3.11.42)

My friend has a new (to him) 2016 Formula PC40 with an e127, p70, i70, EV-2, radar, AIS 700, etc. His MFD is at v19.03-00036 (Light House 2).

We both are using Navionics Platinum charts.

I would like to export my routes and waypoints and import it onto his system. I thought I read a post last year that mentioned that here were some restrictions (e.g. name length), but I could not find it.

Is this export/import possible and what are the restrictions, if any.

Thank you for your assistance.

Hello morowsky,

These displays use the same format gpx data files. You can export your data to the other display with no restrictions.

Thank you.

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