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Full Version: MIM upgrade for STV37
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Is there a MIM upgrade for the Raymarine STV systems to use the Wally receiver? I know Intellian has this MIM upgrade to allow for the auto switching function to work properly. If not, Is the Raymarine MIM and the intellian MIM the same MIM just rebranded?
Hello unixdood,

What is the part number of the 37STV? Not all of them are compatible.

Sorry for the delay but havent been back to the boat. I do know it is for Gen1 37STV
Hi unixdood,

The Gen1 37 STV is not compatible with the MIM or Dish Network. The antenna system would need to be a Gen 2 or newer. There is unfortunately no upgrade to the system. The entire Gen1 37STV system would need to be replaced with a compatible system like the Gen 2 or B4 37 STV.

Thanks Chris. I have been running the Gen1 with the wally for 2 years now on Dish and has worked fine. I was just curious if there was a MIM upgrade to assist in support of the switching of networks
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