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Full Version: i60 giving wrong wind direction and spead
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Hi raymarine, I recently have replaced my ST60 wind display with an i60 to match the look of other instruments. I have not changed the wind vane. the i60 is directly connected to the vane . SeaTalk is also connected for power and linked into backbone connected to chart plotter.

the wind is about 90ยบ off where it should be but this seems to vary. The wind speed is about half what it should be. I have attached a video and some photos.

I have reset the device factory defaults as per the manual. I have checked wind speed whilst on the mooring against wind speed on the club weather station. the i60 gave 10knots whilst the club 18. see photos.

The ST60 was previously very acurate on direction and speed.. not sure what to do.

Hello adamcovell,

I would recommend going though the calibration procedure in the attached manual on page 38.

Thank you I will do that
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