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Full Version: [JB] Axiom 9RV reboots when using the Q24D
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I have the Axiom 9rv and connecting to the Q24D raydome via WIFI. Seems the Axiom will randomly reboot when transmitting the Q24D. Happened twice yesterday over the period of about 2 hours and was very random. Wasnt touching or changing any screens on the display, just underway viewing the radar. The Axiom did reboot properly as if i powered it down then up. The second Axiom 9 did not restart which i was viewing my charts on.
Hi unixdood,

A MFD can reboot for a number of reasons but the most likely one is a sudden dip in power supply. When the radar powers up it may be drawing enough power to cause the Axiom to restart. Check where that Axiom is getting its power supply from and I would guess that it is quite possibly be on the same cable as the radar. Installing a separate power cable to the radar will most likely solve the problem.

Happy boating and kind regards
I have a blue seas 12 gang DC panel and both axioms and the quantum are all seperate (as well as my Smart pilot and VHF). Hasnt happened in a few days now so maybe a glitch? thanks for the reply. I will keep an eye out on it.
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