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Full Version: E127 Transducer Dilemma
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Deadrise angle measures 15.8 degrees as best as I can get.The B60 E66088 transducer is for deadrise of 8-15 degrees. The B60 E66087 transducer is for dead rise of 16-24 degrees. What do you do when the measurement falls in the middle of the specs? Is the B60 7 or 9 Pin? Thank you.

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Raymarine makes two versions of B60 transducers ... those designed to be mated to an ax7, cx7, e7D, ex7, or eSx7 MFD's fishfinder transducer socket and those designed to be mated to a CP370, CP300, DSM300, or DSM30. The first version of this transducer features 6 pins and the second features eight pins. As the B60-12 transducer is designed to support use with hulls having a deadrise of 12 degrees +/-4 degrees, it would be recommended that the E66088 B60-12 degree transducer be used for this application.
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You're welcome.
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