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Full Version: [TG11] GPS data source selection "internal" or "internal (active)"
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I have recently completed a software upgrade on all the components of my system (see attached). It appears that the data source selection for GPS position and datum was is set to "Auto" after the software upgrade and I am unsure what this was set to prior to the upgrade.

In the case of GPS position and datum (and maybe time/date) the available choices for data source are "Auto", "0320444 internal", and "0320444 internal (active)". The latter two choices are the master MFD but seeing they are both the same should I be selecting the "active" one from the list or does it not matter? Why is this duplicated in the list?


Hello tmass60,

I'm not sure why the same source was listed twice, but this is nothing to worry about. On data source selection, I would always suggest leaving this on 'Auto' unless there's a reason to do otherwise (you have more than one source of a particular type of data and you need to actively select one source over another, for example a low-quality and high-quality GPS in the same system.)

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