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Full Version: Clear Pulse module and transducer for ES127
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Question about ClearPulse for the ES127.

I have a Raymarine ES127 Multifunction display. I am looking to add the clear pulse fishfinder / depth map to my display.
Which clear pulse sonar module do I need for this unit (if I need one) and what transducer would work? I am looking for a thru hull transducer, as I already have an unused Airman analog transducer that I can pull out and replace. My boat has 3 transducers. A new DTS800, another Airmar that isnt connected, and another that was connected to the old raymarine analog sonar module which I removed.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Hello michels280,

What is the model of the transducer that was plugged into the analog sonar unit? Or which raymarine sounder unit was it?

The transducer is more than likely compatible with the eS127 which has the clearpulse ff built in.

Hi Chris.

The sounder unit was the DSM 300. Im not sure which transducer is in there, but I'm sure it needs to be replaced.
Hello michels280,

We would recommend getting the adapter E66066 for that style of transducer. If that transducer in the boat was good all you would need is the above adapter to give you clearpulse sonar. The eS127 has this technology built in. If the transducer needs to be replaced look for the part # on the white tag on the transducer cable. This will give you the part # of the transducer to replace it with.

Thanks Chris.

The transducer doesnt work and is very old. I'm not sure if the tags will show a transducer that is still in production. Is there a specific transducer recommendation for the es127 specifically for the fish finder, given that its the same fitting as the DST800? I am a little confused as to the difference between the DST800, which I just installed to mange depth/temp/speed, and another one similar specifically for sonar.... or am I just confused and the DST800 would work, given the es127 has clearpulse built in?
If this transducer went to the DSM300, there is still a version of it that is still in production. Without knowing what transducer is on the boat I have no starting point to make a good recommendation. There are a number of different black box sonar and transducer options available here, https://www.raymarine.com/fishfinders.html. I would also recommend watching this video from our webinar series, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yflPytZy5Bs
The DST800 is a instrument style transducer that only produces depth, speed and temp. It does not have a fishfinder style element that gives you a sonar video return.
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