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Full Version: ST60 Wind Linearising and aligning transducer at the dock
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I have replaced my older transducer and need to do the "Linearising and aligning" procedures. I currently can't sail out of my marina due to shutdown and was wondering:
- instead of doing two circles with my boat I went up the mast and turned the wind indicator slowly two times. It seems like ST60 took it, however, I just wanted to make sure it was OK?
- also, the manual says to align the wind direction to enter the calibration mode and "sail into the wind and adjust the analog wind indicator angle to zero". My question can I just do it at the dock without taking the boat out and adjust the wind angle to what it is by entering offset to indicate the current wind direction at the dock?

Thank you in advance for your help!
Hello beckett,

You can linearize the wind vane as described in your post. I would however wait to perform the second part of sailing into the wind so that it is accurate.

Thank you for your reply. My ST60 developed another issue after I performed the linearising procedure. Everything was working well but after I power cycled the instruments off and on again the wind direction indicator and the speed was running wild and all the place, the speed direction indicators. I went into intermediate calibration step and I notice that my ST60 alternates and shows r0 and r1 after a few seconds. I wonder why? It should just show r0 as this is my master unit and my other ST60 CH should be r1, right? I ran the self-test on ST60 and all 4 stages were OK.
Hello Beckett,

This would indicate one of the ST60s could be bad or they have an intermittent connection between the two of them. I would recommend checking the cabling and possibly getting them evaluated.

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